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Composer. Conductor. Curator

Ewan's music features the adaptation of electronic and everyday sounds into instrumental and vocal music. Ewan's most recent commission is a 10-minute work for the London Symphony Orchestra. A fascination with cartography has led him to create map-scores, often with non-linear musical structures that offer the performer structural autonomy. His interest in art, poetry and the natural world are the source of much of his musical inspiration.

Ewan directs and curates events, often in collaboration with other art forms. Along with Alex Wilson of the Dr K Sextet and curator Niamh White, Ewan co-directs the Pierrot Project which brings together visual and aural artists. Ewan also conducts the Wilderness Orchestra whose performances have included his orchestrations of Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Nina Simone and David Bowie.


Recent Publications:


Two Extremes for solo violin

(i) Rare Nothings;

(ii) Everything, all at once  

"Everything, all at once, written with Thom’s incredible virtuosity in mind, uses various musical interpretations of the mathematical Fibonacci series"




for amplified bass recorder

(after Spiritus Sanctus by Hildegard von Bingen)


Upcoming performances:

18th Mar. 2018

London, he felt fairly certain, had always been London

The Hermes Experiment

Plumstead Peculiar Concerts


25th Mar. 2018

Frail Skies

London Symphony Orchestra

Barbican Hall, London


6th July 2018

Flight of the Killer Bee

Clare Hammond
Ely Festival, Ely Cathedral