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Composer. Conductor. Curator

Ewan's orchestral piece Frail Skies, premiered by the London Symphony Orchestra, was hailed as 'an exceptional addition to the orchestral repertoire' (Bachtrack) and described as being 'a skillful tone poem' by The Sunday Times.

The everyday features prominently in Ewan's music. Quotidian sounds such as the flutter of tiny wings, the rumble of motors and the honks of geese are adapted into instrumental and vocal textures, while his musical cartography explores a very direct relationship between music and the 'real world'. 

Ewan lives in Cambridge and is Director of Music at Churchill and Murray Edwards Colleges, where  he conducts their joint choir and curates a plethora of concerts and musical events. since 2013 he has directed the Wilderness Orchestra, whose annual performances at the Wilderness Festival have featured his orchestrations of Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Nina Simone and David Bowie amongst many others.


Recent Publications:


Two Extremes for solo violin

(i) Rare Nothings;

(ii) Everything, all at once  

"Everything, all at once, written with Thom’s incredible virtuosity in mind, uses various musical interpretations of the mathematical Fibonacci series"




for amplified bass recorder

(after Spiritus Sanctus by Hildegard von Bingen)


Recent News:


Frail Skies

London Symphony Orchestra

New recording available for purchase and download, alongside new works by 11 other composers.


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